Our Philosophy

Welcome in the world of LERCHE home - Our sofas are a place to LIVE!

LERCHE home stands for sophisticated Scandinavian design furniture, especially upholstery items.                                            
Our design is suitable for every home and everyday use.                                                                                                                      
Despite high quality and timelessness, passionate handcraft is expressed in our sofas.
LERCHE home is modern, retro, fashionable and urban. It is for people who want to relax after work
with some wine and snacks on their sofa. It is for those who want to enjoy some cozy time with their family,
watch sports games with their friends or just want to dream with the people they love.                                                                      
Our sofas are more than an object of use. We built them as the place of pure relaxation and cosiness in                                            
every home. For us sofas are the centrepiece of any house.                                                                                                                  
LERCHE home’s duty is to create and shape this centrepiece for you, to make your home unique and                                           
special. But we don’t only work for you - we work together with you. We offer you the possibility to choose                                          
sofa combinations, fabrics and legs to perfectly fitting it to your room size as well as fulfilling all your                                                   
design needs and dreams.                                                                                                                                                                  
Due to that every sofa is one of its kind just like it’s owner.    


Our Values                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Every creature in this world is unique and deserves to be treated accordingly!

One person can create something beautiful - a team something breath taking!

Everything needs to be balanced out - especially the work-life balance!

Resources are limited - never take more than you actually need and choose sustainable materials!

Everybody has questions and everybody deserves decent and quick responses!               





We believe, the more our team enjoys working the better our sofas get. Every day we are working on
improving our work atmosphere. Moreover we are trying to make work as pleasant as possible.

Perfect combination of life and work!

We choose the name LERCHE home because in our view the living room is the most important room in the whole house. People spent a lot of time there, with family, friends or by themselves. You might say that the living room is the center of every house. Every time when you invite someone over to your house they see your living room first and probably spent most of their visit there. Furniture and decoration of the living room is due to that very important to show people you have style. The living room is a room to live in and our sofas are the center of this place of living!

Moreover, our goal is to design more items of the living room to create a living room LERCHE home lifestyle.